Reasons to Choose Bahama Shutters

Ahh, the islands...warm sun, cool breezes, and Bahama Shutters. These distinctive shutters can add character to any home, but they're not just pretty, they're pretty tough (and functional)!

History of Bahama Shutters

Bahama shutters originated in the Caribbean (as you'd expect) for a variety of reasons. The tropical climate is great, but frequent rainstorms were a problem (especially if there's no glass in your windows). The design of Bahama shutters lets the rain gently runoff, while still allowing for a breeze, and provides lots of shade on sunny days. On days when the weather gets really rough (like hurricane rough), Bahama shutters close completely and protect against wind-borne debris.

Here are the few reasons to choose Bahama shutters:

1. Protection

Today, the most popular reason to install Bahama Shutters is still for protection (choose aluminum shutters for maximum strength in hurricane-prone zones). They’re perfect for areas that see a lot of storm action because there’s no need to put them up and take them down every time bad weather threatens. Additionally, Bahama shutters also provide great day-to-day security – we've seen them used to lock up a variety of commercial buildings, bars, and homes.

2. Shades

There are plenty of other reasons to choose Bahama shutters for your home. Shade is a big one. If you live in an area that gets a lot of suns, they can reduce your energy costs and keep your furniture, window treatments, and carpet from fading.

3. Privacy

They're also great for providing privacy, and for obscuring a less-than-desirable view. And the really nice thing about Bahama shutters is their flexibility. Their unique design allows you to adjust the angle of the shutter to let in more, or less, fresh air and sunshine.

Sure, Bahama shutters are pretty...pretty awesome! Have you added tropical ambiance AND protection to your home? Show us photos of your awesome Bahama shutters!