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Shipping & Delivery


Residential / Business Deliveries - Standard Carrier

Residential and Business deliveries made by Standard Carriers usually do not require any action to be taken by our customers at the time of delivery. Shipments are streamlined, do not typically require a signature and in most cases, the product is left at the delivery address even if no one is present. Product deliveries might not be left at places of business during times in which the business is not open.


COMMON CARRIER (LTL / FREIGHT) DELIVERIES (examples: R&L Carriers, Estes, Dayton Freight)

SHIPPING TERMS: "FOB Destination, Freight Prepaid, and Add Arrangements"

Shipping is prepaid by Legends Direct (Seller) to move shipment/goods from (Seller) Origin to (Buyer) Destination ONLY.

Title passes from Seller to Buyer when the shipment arrives at the Destination address. 

NOTE: When title passes from Seller to Buyer any additional expenses charged or incurred (whether expected or unexpected) to complete the delivery beyond what was prepaid by the Seller are the sole responsibility of the buyer. This includes, but is not limited to additional handling, labor charges, specialty services, lift-gate fees, specialty equipment charges, rental fees, warehouse fees, dock fees, storage fees, re-delivery fees or any other fee or charge of the like, etc. 

  • Seller schedules shipment.
  • Seller prepays for shipment.
  • Carrier completes the scheduled pick-up of shipment/goods.
  • Seller retains title and control of shipment/goods while in transit with the carrier.
  • Seller is responsible for filing claims for loss or damage of items during transportation.
  • Buyer obtains title and control of shipment/goods when the shipment arrives at the Destination address.
  • Buyer is responsible for off-loading/unloading of shipment/goods.
  • Buyer is responsible for additional carrier or third-party fees/expenses to complete delivery.


Business Deliveries - Common Carrier (LTL)

Business deliveries made by Common Carriers usually do not require a delivery appointment to be scheduled. There may be some instances in which a delivery appointment may be required and is at the discretion of the carrier. At delivery, it is the responsibility of business and/or it's employees to offload the product(s) from the truck or trailer. 

Residential Deliveries - Common Carrier (LTL)

Legends will always try to have shipments delivered by standard carriers. However, some residential deliveries will need to made by a common carrier due to the size or weight of the items ordered. However, if the size(s) and weight(s) of the items you ordered exceed the maximum allowances set forth by UPS/FedEx your order will then require shipment/delivery by a Common Carrier. Please read the items below that detail delivery made by common carriers to residential addresses.

Residential Delivery Appointment Required - You (the customer) will be contacted directly by the carrier via telephone to schedule a delivery appointment. The carrier will contact you at the number you provided when placing your order prior to any delivery attempt being made. These common carriers use large trucks at the time of delivery and try to limit unnecessary mileage, fuel expenses and time lost by scheduling their deliveries in advance to ensure someone is present at that time.

NOTE: When the common carrier contacts you please be sure to make them aware of any details, obstacles, etc that may interfere, prevent or otherwise make it impossible to complete your delivery. -- Examples might be: If you have a narrow street, low hanging trees or low power lines, if you live in a gated community or any other scenario that would prevent a safe and efficient delivery. At the discretion of the common carrier, they may require that special arrangements be made to be able to complete your delivery. Any and all additional charges, speical arrangements or extra services and their associated costs are the sole financial responsibility of you the customer.

Customer Expectations - Residential deliveries by common carrier (freight carrier) typically require a person(s) over the age of 18 years of age be present to accept, inspect and sign for the delivery. Common carrier deliveries are a "curb side" service. This means that upon arrival to the delivery address the driver will open the trailer door and move your items to the back of the truck or trailer only. From there, it is your responsibility and requirement to remove the items from the truck or trailer. In the instance that the carrier has a lift gate on their vehicle for your delivery the same rules apply except that the driver will use the lift gate to bring the items being delivered down to street level. From there it is still the responsibility of the customer to move these items from "curb side" to the location of their choosing. The enforcement of policies regarding common a carriers "curb side" delivery practices, requirements or limitations are at the sole discretion of the that carrier. Legends Direct does not have the ability to change, influence or otherwise require any common carrier to deviate from their policies or business practices in this regard. 

At Time of Delivery (All Shipments - Standard OR Common Carrier)

IMPORTANT: YOU MUST INSPECT ALL ITEMS IN YOUR SHIPMENT BEFORE PROVIDING YOUR SIGNATURE. Your signature authorizes and accepts all items on the shipment "as-is". Failure to inspect your product(s) at the time of delivery and document or take pictures of any and all damages will automatically waive the right(s) to make a shipping claim or have any other possible recourse regarding the damaged items after you sign. If there is damage of any kind, you must be absolutely sure to have the driver notate this on the Bill of Lading or any other documentation prior to providing your signature. If you have the ability to take pictures of the the damaged items at the time of the delivery, please do so. This will provide both leverage and the ability to expedite the claim process with the carrier should one be necessary. If you receive damaged product(s), please call Legends Customer Service immediately at 866-898-5304 to inform us of the damages. Legends requires that we be made aware of damages within 48 hours of delivery. At that time we will take the appropriate steps toward providing a solution for you as our customer. 

International Shipping

International customers will be required to pay applicable shipping charges, as well as any duties, fees and tariffs. To obtain shipping charges prior to placing your order, please contact our customer service department at 888-790-7743.

Expedited Shipping

Expedited shipping for the complexity of our products and shipping locations requires that we have all of the order information in hand to accurately calculate a price.

Our standard shipping is Ground and can add 2-5 days once the order has been shipped.

Legends Direct has agreements with all of the major shipping companies (USPS, DHL, FedEx, UPS) and several of the large full-service common carriers. This provides you with the options of Overnight, Second-Day Air and 3rd-day deliveries. These options have limitations in weight and size. Should your order be too heavy or too large your order may have to be shipped common carrier and delivery times will be 2-7 days in the 48 states.

The choice of shipping firms will be chosen by Legends' shipping manager based on your location, the shipping point and the size and weight of the shipment. We will contact you via email promptly with shipping options and costs for each possibility. We will ask you to reply to this email with a confirmation of your choice of shipping and an approval for the extra shipping charges before we can release the shipment.

Legend Direct appreciates your business and will do our utmost to satisfy your needs. With your help, we will be able to provide maximum delivery service at the best possible price.