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Give Your Home a Makeover with Our Versatile Range of Vinyl Shutters

At Decorative Shutters, we have a beautiful range of high quality and low maintenance Vinyl Shutters which perfectly blend functionality and aesthetics. These low-cost shutters not only protect your home during extreme weather but also add a dash of style to the exterior decor. With our range of vinyl outdoor shutters, you can now convert your otherwise ordinary looking home into a beauty.

Our range of vinyl shutters includes:

  • Combination Louver/Raised Panel
  • Open Board & Batten Vinyl Shutters
  • Raised Panel vinyl shutters
  • Louvered vinyl shutters
  • Joined Board & Batten vinyl shutters
  • Country style panels vinyl shutters
  • Shaker Style vinyl shutters

We offer custom style vinyl exterior shutters and accessories to suit your budget and your home’s architectural style. Our sales team boasts decades of experience in the industry and we have the technical expertise to guide you in choosing custom shutters for your home.

Made in USA

Add a Dash of Classic Style to Your Home with Our Beautiful Wood Shutters

If you want to upgrade your home’s curb appeal, you can never go wrong with wood shutters. These fixtures have been around for ages and they have become an integral part of home construction. At Decorative Shutters, we have a wide range of sturdy wooden exterior shutters to suit any home style, and we invite you to have a look. 

Our wooden shutters made from Western Red Cedar and Cypress wood are not only beautiful but also sturdy and durable. If you want to give a good impression with your home’s exterior decor, it is time to explore our shutter collection. You can choose from different shutter styles including:

  • Shaker Style vinyl shutters
  • Closed Board & Batten
  • Open Board and Batten 
  • Raised Panel
  • Bahama
  • Flat Panel
  • Open Louver
  • Closed Louver

Whatever exterior wood shutters you have in mind, we have it for you. These shutters not only give your home a dash of classical style but also protection, privacy, and natural ventilation. Talk to us today for the best selection of wood shutters for your home. 

Made in USA

Home Makeovers Have Never Been Easier With Aluminum Shutters

For most homeowners, maintaining their properties means a constant search for improvement ideas. One area that always gets overlooked in such home improvement projects is window treatment. If you want to give your home an incredible makeover, it is time to learn more about aluminum shutters by Decorative Shutters. 

Our versatile range of Aluminum exterior shutters offers multi-prong benefits including curb appeal, protection, privacy, a wide variety of styles and light control. We have a long history in shutter manufacturing and all our products meet the highest standards of quality to surpass our clients’ expectations.

You can choose the popular louver style, Board and Batten and the classical style Bahama aluminum shutters to suit your home’s style. Our team works closely with clients to deliver custom-made shutters manufactured to size. Whatever color you have in mind for your shutters, our products come with a powder-coat finish in smooth or textured colors.

Get in touch with us for a low-cost, low-maintenance and versatile aluminum exterior shutters to suit your home improvement needs.

Made in USA

Our USA-made superior-quality exterior composite shutters are made from a material that is milled and assembled just like a wood product for a very authentic look. The rugged nature of composite shutters makes it more durable than wood, with nearly unlimited design possibilities.

Shop for exterior shutters by material; vinyl, wood, aluminum or composite.