For these window furnishings to perform all these functions, they need to stay in tiptop condition. Due to exposure to extreme weather, exterior shutters can suffer physical damage including cracking, warping, paint peeling, wood rot, hinge problems, wood joint problems, among other forms of wood damage. This article looks at how to repair some of these problems to restore the shutters to their former glory and function.

Check Warranty of Your Window Shutters

The best shutter products come with a manufacturer’s warranty and it is important to check it before initiating any repairs. You can save a lot of money by calling in a professional installer for repairs and replacement based on the warranty. If there’s no warranty, you can go ahead with the repairs.

1. Fixing Broken Shutters For Louvre Shutter

Louvre shutters add a dash of style to your home but they are also prone to physical damage during storms and with age. You will have to deal with a broken slat or missing staples at one point or the other.

  • Tools:To do this, you need tools and materials including Louvered shutters with broken slat, sharp knife or razor blade, wooden dowel stick, wood glue, drill and drill bit, appropriate sized screw eye for each missing staple and needle nose pliers.
  • Take the end of the slat and insert it into the hole in the shutter frame, aligning the broken end into the hole on the other side of the frame.
  • Using a sharp knife, slide the dowel out of the slat and drive it into the hole on the frame.
  • Leave the glue to dry.
  • For missing staples, drive one eye screw into the area without a staple. Open the second eye screw using the pliers. .On the opposite side of the first eye screw, screw the other open eye. The open eye will function as a hook to go through the closed eye. Using the needle nose pliers, close the opened eye.
  • Check the performance of the repaired wooden shutters by opening and closing it.

2. Repairing Chirped Louvers

After a heavy storm, it is common for exterior wood louvers to suffer physical damage. You have to remove the affected louver and work on it from a flat surface outside.

You can repair such minor damage by sanding off the paint and applying wood filler to the damaged area. This process aims at restoring the Wood louvered shutters to their original appearance.

When the filler dries, you should sand the surface before repainting it to give the window shutters a great appearance. Reinstall the louvers into the shutters.

3. Repairing Wood Rot Damage

One problem with wood application in construction is rot. It is a problem that as seen more people shifting to other construction materials. However, there are ways of overcoming wood rot including wood treatment. However, due to exposure to the elements, it is common for wood shutters to suffer rot and you need to address this immediately. This problem that spreads fast and if not corrected early, you might end up replacing all your shutters.

To repair a small section of affected wood, you need a screwdriver to chip out the affected part. Remove the affected louver and work on it from your garage. Your target should be the wider area around the affected area to avoid future problems.

Remove all the wood rot and chip down further. You can use wood chemicals to protect against future problems. Use auto-body filler and mix it according to the manufacturer’s directions in a small container. Spread the filler all over the affected area and wait for it to dry completely. You can paint over the treated area to prevent water entry in the future and restore your wooden shutters.

4. Wood shutter Frame Repair

The shutter frame plays an important role in ensuring this window furnishing works well. If there’s any form of damage to the shutter frame, you will have a problem operating the shutters and this also causes pressure on the window frame. With time, you will have to replace the entire window frame which is costly.

The mortise and tendon joinery is the main culprit in most shutter frame problems. These joints are strong, durable and stand the test of time but weather damage and regular use can lead to problems. You should check the condition of the joinery keenly and clean it with a stiff brush to identify the extent of the damage.

If the joint as come off, clean the dirt and dampen the frame joints before coating them with coat the joints with polyurethane glue. Using water helps activate the glue and hold the joints together. A pipe clamp can come in handy to hold these joints tightly together as the glue continues drying. For increased strength of the shutter frame, you can drill screws into the joinery.

Final Thoughts

These are only a few of the things you need to repair to keep your wooden shutters in tiptop condition. The fact that these fixtures face exposure to the weather makes them prone to deterioration with age. It is important to inspect regularly the surface of the window shutters and the shutter frame to avoid any form of damage.

Early detection of problems helps you to correct the situation through quick repairs. If left untreated, shutters damage can extend necessitating costly replacement. If you don’t have handy skills, it is important to call in a professional window contractor to inspect and repair the shutter damage. This saves you a lot of time and it is a safer option.